If you haven't been seeing many Antelope lately, they may be in Southern Wyoming with all of their friends.

mloew1 via YouTube

This time of year the large herds of big game animals will migrate around the state and need to cross roads to be able to find the nourishment they need. Traveling in numbers is something many animal species do and migrating is a necessity for many to be able to get the food and water they need to survive.

mloew1 via YouTube

The last couple of years the Wyoming Antelope population has taken quite the hit but are expected to bounce back in 2022. Weather and disease have been two major factors in the lower numbers of North America's fastest land animal.

In 2021 Wyoming Game and Fish Department reduced the number of Antelope hunting licenses to give the antelope numbers a chance to recover.

According to WGFD, 98% of does have twins every year, which could help restore antelope population levels “as high as 30% by 2022.”

In an upcoming episode of Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors the numbers for the 2022 hunting seasons will be discussed and representatives from Game and Fish will reveal how many antelope hunting licences will be released for the upcoming fall hunting season.

If you're worried that the number of antelope in the state have been reduced by a large number, allowing them to recover over the last year has helped. Check out this video from mloew1 on YouTube that show an extremely large number of Antelope holding up traffic while they cross WYO Highway 230 in the Southern part of the state on New Years Day of this year.

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