One of the most delicious food items known to man is celebrating it's 25th anniversary. I am talking about those mouthwatering orbs of tastiness at Red Lobster known as Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I could just have a meal of those bad boys and be happy. I often will set two of them on my salad and pretend they are croutons from heaven.

According to a story on Yahoo...Red Lobster is doing some cool things to celebrate 25 years of these awesome globs of happiness. I read that you could even get your hands on some Cheddar Bay Biscuit lip balm. That could be dangerous because I may eat my face if I put that stuff on.

I always look forward to eating them when we go to the restaurant but found out a few years ago that I could make these little devils at home. I wrote a piece back then about when I first discovered the mix in a box at the store and my delight in my discovery. Check that story out as we celebrate 25 years of buttery, cheesy goodness.

  " I have often prayed that I could have Red Lobster’s garlicky, buttery cheddar biscuits at home. My prayers have been answered. I was walking through Sam’s Club the other day when I was stopped in my tracks like a deer in the headlights when I saw this box on the shelf. It was like a beacon from a lighthouse on a dark stormy sea. At first I thought it was mirage. “This can’t be”, I thought to myself. I began to tremble and giggle at the same time.  I could hear the drool splat on the floor after falling from my face. They actually had to put those “floor may be slippery” signs all around me.

I quickly grabbed the box and put it in my cart. I locked it in with the child safety strap to make sure it was safe while I shopped. I got the other items I needed like the 40lb bag of popcorn, the 8 pack of salsa and 365 fluid ounces of ketchup and headed home.

Were these biscuits going to be as good as they are at Red Lobster? I had to find out. Follow the directions exactly, meaning use sharp cheddar cheese, and you will be happy as a clam in the Admiral’s Feast. They are perfect. I felt like I was at the restaurant. This is one product that definitely passed the taste test. I am in love."

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