The housing market is still red hot throughout Northern Colorado, with no sign of stopping. But would you buy the most expensive home in the city of Greeley?

After a quick search on Zillow, we found the most expensive home in the city. The best part? It will actually cost you less than one million dollars!

The home has been on the market for 244 days and is located at 1909 Homestead Road. The cost? It can be yours for only $979,000. We know that is still a lot of money. But compared to homes in other parts of Northern Colorado, this could be considered a steal.

Here are some details concerning the home in case you have the money and your interest is peaked:

  • The home has five bedrooms and five bathrooms
  • Total square footage is 7,359 square feet
  • The home comes with a gourmet kitchen with granite countertops
  • It also comes with vaulted ceilings and four fireplaces

Want to see some pictures of the home? Check them out below!

What do you think? Would you spend the money on this home if you had it?

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