You either get dressed like a normal person or a psychopath.

Just like anything else out there, social media has its pros and cons. Yes, it can be a mean place sometimes. However, I believe that you can find community on social media. Which is exactly the point when you think about it. I've found out that there are many people who are similar to me in how they view the world, how they were raised, and also how they get dressed.

Specifically with how we put our socks and shoes on.

I know you're probably thinking there's not much to putting on socks and shoes. The only big rule is that you have to put the socks on first before the shoes. Beyond that, it's up to you.

And yet, we still have a debate.

Think about how you put your shoes on this morning (given you are wearing shoes today). Did you put one sock and one shoe on before moving to the other foot? Or did you put both of your socks on both of your feet before putting both of your shoes on? If you dressed using the latter method, you are like most people. At least according to my "research"...

@missradiojess via Twitter/Instagram
@missradiojess via Twitter/Instagram

As you can see from my polls on Twitter and Instagram, most people put both of their socks on before putting their shoes on. I also fall into this category. I don't like leaving one of my feet out in the open, vulnerable to the elements. Everyone first gets a sock and then everyone gets a shoe. Also, shoutout to those who chose flipflops instead of real shoes... you're the real MVPs!

Someone also pointed out to me that this was a big debate on the show All in the Family too, as seen below:

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