A Greeley woman has been arrested after she was found with 12.2 grams of heroin at a Buffalo Wild Wings.

41-year-old Andrea Dawsey was arrested for sale of a controlled substance and unlawful possession on January 22.  According to the Greeley Tribune, a manager witnessed her with several baggies and tin foil pieces at the end of the bar, prompting a call to police.

When police arrived, they noticed Dawsey trying to quickly cover her grey purse with napkins in an attempt to conceal something. One of the officers shined a flashlight into her purse and observed tin foil and what appeared to be heroin.

Dawsey gave the police permission to search the purse, claiming it wasn't hers and that a random woman handed it to her when she walked into Buffalo Wild Wings. Officers then found 5 Xanax pills on top of the heroin and tin foil.

Dawsey is due in court on Valentines Day.

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