How windy was it yesterday? A building that was under construction in Greeley collapsed due to high winds. The Greeley Fire Department responded to 6253 28th St at 10:51am.

Crews found one person pinned beneath the debris of a wood from the collapsed building.  Fire crews extricated the victim within minutes and transferred him to Banner Paramedics for further care.  The lone patient was believed to be in stable condition but was transported to NCMC for further evaluation.

Bystanders reported that there were three construction workers on site when the collapse occurred.  One worker was working outside of the footprint of the building and noticed that it was swaying in the wind.  He alerted the two other workers who were within the building footprint to evacuate.  The two workers tried to take cover as the building came down around them.  One was fortunate enough to take cover and was uninjured.  Wind is believed to be the main contributing factor in the collapse.

A building under construction collapsed at 6253 28th in Greeley
Greeley Fire Department

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