I cannot wait for Sunday. I was born in Minnesota and have been a diehard Viking fan my entire 52 years of existence. I have suffered through some very painful postseason loses as Bronco fans can relate too. The Broncos were the same way until they broke the curse in the late 90's and started winning championships. I am still waiting for the boys in purple to follow suit.

This weekend the Vikings will battle the Eagles to see who goes to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis to face the winner of the Patriots and Jaguars. I am feeling like this is finally my year. I say the Vikings win to move on to the Super Bowl on their home field and will face the Patriots. This would be an intense game especially since my coworker Justin Tyler is from New England and is a diehard Patriot fan. He and I are boarding a plane together to head to Nashville the morning of the Super Bowl and it would be a rather interesting day of travel if we are battling for the championship. This is the Vikings year!

Who do you predict will reign victorious this weekend. Make your pick here.


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