As many predicted, Kyle Shanahan has parted ways with the Cleveland Browns. Could he be headed for Denver and will Mike Shanahan be the new coach for the Oakland Raiders?

Let's face it, Mike Shanahan doesn't like the Denver Broncos. I'm sure it's more Joe Ellis he can't stand than anyone else, which could be the reason many think he could possibly say yes to the head coaching position for the Oakland Raiders. For a guy who lives in Denver, and one of the only ones who didn't show up to the facility for Champ Bailey's retirement announcement, should tell you something about his relationship with Denver management.

Oakland was the first head coaching gig for Shanahan and we know how that ended. In fact, I'm not sure Al Davis ever made good on the owed money still due Shanahan. But, Al Davis is no longer in the picture and Oakland does play Denver twice a year.

Personally, I think it's just what the Raiders need. Shanahan is a great coach and he could actually be the guy to put Oakland back on the football map. I have also heard some say that Kyle Shanahan, who said goodbye to the Cleveland Browns today, could possibly be a coaching candidate (don't fool yourself, Adam Gase will be taking a head coaching job) for Denver. Let's be honest...he will follow the old man to Oakland if that's the case and I personally don't think it's a surprise he left Cleveland. He will follow his Dad be it in Oakland, San Francisco or even Atlanta. I'm sure that's why Kyle left in the first place, because he knows his Dad will in fact take one of the open positions and they wan to coach again.

What do you think?

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