Raider Hater.  It goes without saying that you can’t be a die-hard Broncos fan if you aren’t a ‘Raider Hater.’ The Raiders owner is talking about a move-- closer to Denver, and he'll back it up with $500M.

Den vs Oak
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It’s all part of the fun of NFL football: rivalries. The one between the Denver Broncos and AFC Division rivals Oakland Raiders is one for the books. It dates back to the NFL-AFL days, 40 years ago. When the schedule comes out each year, the first thing Broncos fans always check is to see when we play Oakland.  ‘Gotta beat Oakland!!’

Maybe I dislike them because I grew up the 70s when the Raiders were one of the dirtiest teams around.  Maybe because of Star Wars. The Raiders were the ‘Empire’ and the Broncos were the ‘Rebels’, the good guys.  There are plenty of reasons to be a Raider Hater though, my friends, plenty!

The Raiders were hoping to get a new stadium in the Oakland bay area, but then St. Louis took that away from them. ‘YEAH! Take that, Raiders!’ Broncos fans cheered.  Not so fast. The Raiders owner, Mark Davis (Al’s son) is now ready to just leave the whole area and move operations eastward.

Side note: Have you seen this guy Davis’ hair? It’s like his stylist is Raider Hater too!

Mark Davis
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Anyway, Davis traveled out to LAS VEGAS to start working a deal. He wants to drop $500M of his own money to help build a brand new $1.3B stadium for his Raiders!  A billion-dollar stadium? For the Raiders? In Las Vegas?  This makes me hate the Raiders more.  To think of those guys getting to live in Las Vegas, with all that fun, in a gorgeous new stadium just makes me want to puke. Puke I say!

Nothing is official yet; they COULD move to San Diego if San Diego gets to move to L.A. There were rumors they were looking at San Antonio.  That would have been PERFECT. Hot, unforgiving San Antonio. But, no…Here comes Vegas.

I guess it seems somewhat appropriate that the Raiders would make Sin City their home, but I’m am against it.  It’s like they’re taking every great time I’ve had there and stomping on them with John Madden vigor.  Damn Raiders!

How do you feel about it?

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