The Wienermobile has been around since 1936
Todd Harding, TSM

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile made a stop in Fort Collins on its trek across the country. My wife, Jenny, and I stopped by to see the "Yummy" Wienermobile at the Fort Collins Senior Center on Tuesday. It is one of six hot dog shaped vehicles traveling across the country.

Yummy is driven by two "Hotdoggers", Ketchup Kyle Edwards and Anne Marie Harald "Anne Ma-Wienie". They were delightful and gave me all of this info: Hotdoggers are trained at Hot Dog High School in  Madison, WI. A two person team drives the Wienermobile for one full year, from June 1 to June 1, and its been happening since 1936.

The Wienermobile made stops at The Fall Festival/Farmers Market, Halloween Enchanted Garden, and Bow Wowvania on Saturday. It spent time at Jack Lantern's Corn Maze on Sunday, the Senior Center on Tuesday, and will be at the Tiny Tot Halloween in Downtown Fort Collins from 10 AM-1 PM today. (Halloween)

Thanks to my lovely wife for taking these wonderful pictures. O.K I took a couple.

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