You may hear me wish you a great Memorial Day weekend but you will never hear me say "happy" Memorial Day. Monday is Memorial Day and while many of us look at this as a long weekend and the unofficial kickoff of summer, it is much more important than that. While it will be great to BBQ with the family and friends and maybe tip back a few cold ones, don't forget what Monday is all about.

Memorial Day is set aside to remember those who died while serving this country. The word "happy" doesn't come to mind when I think of that. While I am happy to receive the gifts of their sacrifice, I am humbled and honored as well. We need to make sure we live our lives in a fashion that would make those who gave their lives for us, proud to know what we have done with our gift of freedom. We have Veteran's Day to honor all who have served and we have the 4th of July to show our patriotism as well but Monday is a day of remembrance and respect.

This Monday remember those who gave all for us. We honor them and will be forever grateful and eternally proud to be Americans. God bless the American soldier and those they left behind. You are never forgotten.

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