I admit things look pretty awful for the Broncos right now. They seem to have no direction and I have never seen them play worse in 3 consecutive games than they have on this horrible streak. It would be very easy to throw in the towel on this team. They look like the worst team in football the last month. Is there hope? I believe so and here is why.

This defense is too good to be this bad for any longer. I think the running game has promise and could start to be a factor but the big reason I still think there is a chance of a winning season is the schedule the rest of the year. I admit that the Broncos we have been watching could not even beat CSU yet alone another NFL team but I think we are about to turn it around...not this week but soon.

This Monday they will lose to the Patriots but then they have Cincinnati, Oakland, Miami, Jets, Colts and Redskins and finish with the Chiefs. If they can become even close to what they were earlier this year I think they could win 6 of the last 8 and finish 9-7. That is not great but much better than the 3-13 they are looking like right now.

What do you think their record will be at the end of the year? Make your prediction here.

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