Hi, I'm Shelby, from K99's alternative-format sister station 94.3 The X. That said, my knowledge of country music is obviously a little limited, but I do know what I like, and what I don't like, and it's probably different than what of other people think; that's OK. This is just my opinion.

People always ask me what my beef is with country music, and I'll tell you. So many newer songs have become all about a long-legged, tan, blonde girl in tight jeans sliding her 'little fine ass up in a truck' (back me up here, Maddie and Tae).

Point being, there are short-legged, pasty, brunette girls who like to be acknowledged every now and then too, damn it.

OK, that isn't really my point. But it also kind of is. While many are critical of new county music sounding 'too poppy,' in my opinion, I think this new generation of modern artists is bringing the music back to the good old stuff. It may not be as 'cowboy' as Merle and George left it, but it's getting it away from where the party anthems about girls 'shaking it' in bikinis and daisy dukes has taken it.

People can criticize Sam Hunt's Tumblr-esque music videos (hey look, a brunette!), and the skinny-jean-wearing 'hipster' country thing that's started to gain popularity in lieu of 'bro-country,' but it's actually kind of my jam.

  • Dan (plus) Shay

    These guys played Habajeeba last year, and I fell head over heels for their song 'Nothin' Like You,' in which the only reference to a girl's appearance is 'rockin' that rock 'n' roll t-shirt.' I'm a fan.

  • Brothers Osborne

    This song and video are beautiful and even progressive. One of my 2015 favorites.

  • Thomas Rhett

    Over the course of the last year, Thomas Rhett just blossomed from borderline bro-country into into my absolute favorite country guy in skinny jeans.

    'Crash and Burn' is just damn catchy, and the video references Say Anything. 2015 Thomas Rhett, I love what you're doing.