It would definitely save me some time and money...

Now that Christmas 2019 is in the books, I'd like to ask you what your favorite part was? Did you enjoy being with family, the food, or getting presents? I would assume most people would say being with loved ones was the best part. There are those who love receiving a gift though.

But that doesn't mean everyone loves giving a gift.

As it turns out, most people find gift-giving during the holidays more stressful than taxes. Why? Because it's a financial burden and sometimes it's tough to shop for some people. A recent survey found that gift-buying was more stressful than tax season, birthdays, weddings and Valentine's Day according to 3 out of 5 Americans.

To make things worse, 62 percent said they would gladly get rid of the tradition all together.

Another survey found that 71 percent of parents have lost sleep over what they spent on their children for Christmas. They wonder how they will pay for all of those gifts. Many admit that they tend to overspend during the holidays.

So where is all of this coming from?

I'd say it's the overwhelming pressure to have a, Instagram-worthy Christmas.. Seriously. We're so caught up in making things bigger and more expensive than they need to be. There's too much pressure around the holiday season and social media doesn't help.

Now, do I believe that the tradition of giving a gift at Christmas will go away completely? Not at all, but I do believe we all need to be a little more conservative and realistic. Find other ways to make this time of year special.

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