We love our hockey here in Colorado but we have two very different scenarios playing out with our teams. The Colorado Avalanche, bless their hearts, are firmly entrenched as the worst team in the entire NHL. The Avs have managed to win just 17 of the of the 61 games they have played this year. That is quite sad.

On the other end of the spectrum we have our Colorado Eagles of the ECHL. The Eagles won again last night and have brought their winning steak to 16 games in a row!! 16 in a row! The Avs have won 17 all year and the Eagles have won 16 consecutive games and lead the Pacific Division by 7 points.

I know they are completely different leagues and play at different levels but what if they met up for a game? Would the Eagles stand a chance? Would the Avs stand a chance for that matter? What do you think would happen? Let me hear from you.


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