It was one of those days we all remember right where we were. I was at the kickoff luncheon for the Greeley Stampede ten years ago today when all of the sudden every pager in the room went off, we didn't all have cell phones back then, and the place cleared out. Word had spread that a tornado was closing in on Windsor.

I jumped on my Harley and rolled towards Windsor right as the tornado was leaving the scene. I was lucky to be on my bike because I could navigate around the streets that were littered with pieces of homes and trees and all kinds of debris. It was like a war zone. I had never seen anything like it. Here our beloved town of Windsor had been ripped to pieces. I rolled towards the radio station expecting to see it in a huge pile of rubble but somehow the tornado just missed us by about half a city block. The whole staff here was huddled in the basement along with a few children who had been riding by on their bikes when they were told to get in our building and take cover downstairs.

I found a phone at the station to take with me and went walking around the city talking to people. I was so blown away by the spirit of this community immediately. Here there were people looking at their devastated property but were still helping their neighbors and took the time to ask me if I was alright. That is the kind of loving, caring spirit this amazing community has.

Here it is ten years later and this town looks great. You would never what happened ten years ago by just rolling through. We will always get a little nervous when the sky darkens as we know how quickly things can turn for the worse but we also know that no matter happens here...We are strong, we are one, we are Windsor.


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