Some days you wake up with a craving for something that just won't go away. Today is one of those days. I have visions of cinnamon rolls dancing through my brain. I just love a warm cinnamon roll with an ice-cream-scoop-size glob of butter. We have some great cinnamon roll creators here in Northern Colorado but who is the best?

When I first moved here years ago I was told I had to try a Johnson’s Corner cinnamon roll. I did and loved it. I was then told to try Vern’s. I did and loved it. I was then told to try Silver Grill in Fort Collins. I did and loved it. I was told to try Gray's Cafe in Ault. I did and loved it. Who else makes killer cinnamon rolls? I am open for a tasting binge. Tell me where you get your cinnamon roll fix. You can vote for your favorite below and also write in the ones I am missing. Just click where it says "other" and write in the name of the business.

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