I am baffled on a daily basis on the attitude of us, the general public. We have absolutely no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with our point of view anymore. We are not allowed to have a different point of view or else you can no longer be friends with certain people or you disconnect with family members, switch churches, quit jobs and block from our lives those who have opposing views. If you don't like the music I think is good, we cannot be friends. If you like a show that I don't..you are wrong and we cannot hang out. If you have a different  political view, than of course one of us is a total idiot who has no clue what it's really like out there.

I am so tired of the intolerance. This country was built on differing opinions and embracing the fact that having them is good. It would a horrible world if everyone thought the same and liked the same things. That is not what this country is all about. Let's all take a deep breath and quit being soooo angry. We are the people. We make the changes. We control our actions. We can become more open to fact that we don't all agree and that is perfectly fine. You can still be friends with someone who lives a different lifestyle than you do, eats different food than you, has a different religious view, different views on guns and maybe even a different political view. We can all still be friends.

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