When you head up to the high country, you expect to see some incredible jaw-dropping scenery and some out of the ordinary stuff. Something that is NOT out of the ordinary to see, especially around Mt. Evans are mountains goats. However, painted mountain goats? That's a new one, but they are out there and I'll tell you why.

According to KDVR via Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the female goats and the kids born this year are marked for study due to an outbreak this year (I guess humans aren't the only ones dealing with outbreaks these days).

YouTube/Jason Clay

Nearly all of the kids (that's a baby goat) born in 2013 and 2019 suffered from severe diarrhea and died of an unknown disease, so collecting fecal samples from these goats is part of the study (And you thought YOUR job stunk).

According to officials, there have been high levels of E-Coli so they're collecting, gathering and studying to figure out what's going on with these goats.

If you head up to the high country and see these mountain goats with paint on them, it's all good, it's for research.

As always, don't get too close or comfortable with mountain goats or any wild animal for that matter, mountain goats are usually pretty docile and mind their own business but have been known to charge when spooked.

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