Have you discovered something you forgot you had left there?

Last year is kind of a blur, isn't it? Oh, we remember plenty of things that happened, but a lot of it kind of runs together. Our sense of time went out the window when our offices closed down. For many people, working from home became their new normal.

Do you remember the last time you were in the office? Do you remember what it was like packing up your stuff? What thoughts were going through your mind?

I think many of us thought we would be back the next week or even before a month had passed. However, that wasn't the case. The day we all went back to the office continued to be pushed back until no date was given at all.

That's changing now.

I've seen some pretty funny posts online about people returning to the office (or radio studios specifically) and they're finding some surprises in their desks and lockers. One of my radio friends actually found a poster advertising for her show that she no longer hosts. She had been moved to a different daypart in the middle of the pandemic. I've seen people outside of radio find snacks they had left in their desk drawers. Thank goodness they were sealed, individually-wrapped snacks. The same snacks that would probably survive a zombie apocalypse.

If you've gone back to the office for the first time in a year, what have you found? What has left you scratching your head or chuckling? Is there anything that you've been missing for months only to discover that it's been sitting in your desk this entire time?

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