The Grammy gift bag is pretty crazy every year.

Some presenters, performers and musicians took home a gift bag valued at $22,000. Gifts included:

a $199 box of chocolates.

a $5,500 ultrasound energy treatment to tighten skin.

a $250 blow dryer

$300 customized video game controllers.

a 23-karat gold salted, caramel pecan praline valued at $79.

$350 glasses

a $2,250 gift certificate for custom cocktails and mixology services from a professional bartender.

a 24-karat gold facial valued at $460

anti-aging serum valued at $193

cryotherapy treatments valued at $130

illuminated drinking water valued at $15

Let's imagine a major awards show happened here in Colorado. What would be in the Colorado gift bag?

A year supply of Rio margaritas

Two at a time, please.

I don't even drink, but that shouldn't stop others from realizing the greatest margarita in the world. Where I grew up, the ethnic food of choice is Italian. Here, it's Mexican all day long. And nobody does the 'rita like the Rio.

Full season of VIP access to Red Rocks Amphitheater

I've heard there are a few venues out there as cool as Red Rocks. I'll believe it when I see it. Even then I may not believe it.

The Colorado Gold Ski Pass

The Gold Pass is so expensive, it's rarely discussed. However, it will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

Wait a second, I'm making a list here. Sorry.

It's hard to focus whenever you consider that the Gold Pass gives you unlimited access to pretty much every Colorado resort there is. If you aren't using it, you can just toss it to whomever you like, because it's completely transferable. So not only can you make turns, wherever the hedge you want, you'll also be all the skier's and rider's best friends.

Cost? $3,200. That will take the numbers up.

Colorado Yoga Pants

Yoga is big in Colorado. The Colorado flag makes for great gear. Put them together and you have Colorado yoga pants. Has to be in the gift bag!

Burt's Bees Lip Balm

It may not be a Colorado made product, but it is my go to for making sure my lips don't dry out and flake away. The lip balm is a must have in our semi-arid state.

New Belgium Brewing - Lips of Faith - Trans-Atlantic Kriek

Specially brewed, specially packaged, special price. To some, it's the best beer in the world. Even if you don't think it's the best ever, it is definitely a special occasion beer.

Salus Soap

Unscented, organic, and named for one of our state's greatest natural resources—snowfall. Snowflake (Colorado snow) Soap would be in our gift bag.

Never Summer Snowboard

There are quite a few snowboards created in Colorado. Not many of them have reputations like Never Summer. It's the kind of deck that doesn't go on sale. If you want it, you have to pay full price. Except if we could put it in our gift bag.

A Weekend at Strawberry Park Hot Springs

There is more to the Steamboat Springs hot springs spot than just a pay-and-soak. They offer rooms, massage, spa treatments, and more, all in naturally flowing hot spring water that is believed to have healing properties.

25 Cases of Wild Zora Bars

Wild Zora is a Fort Collins, Colorado company that makes snack bars made from meat and veggies, so they give a solid punch of protein. I love 'em. Wild Zora brings to the gift bag something many Coloradoans live for and on—meat.

Big Shot Single Speed Bike

We are all about the two wheels and self propulsion here in Colorado. If you want to be really hip about it, you go single speed or fixed gear. One of the best makers of these bikes are Fort Collins own Big Shot Bikes.

Did we leave anything out? What do you think should be in the Colorado Gift Bag?


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