I am always afraid to open the 'junk drawer' at work. You never know what lurks inside. I have sat here for 30 years and always kept my left eye fixed on the drawer beside me in case it creeps open and some creature comes leaping out. I have opened the drawer to find 36 packets of taco sauce and 3/4 lbs of mouse poop in the past. I would usually rather spend a night in the house from 'The Amityville Horror' than open that drawer.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

Today I decided to be brave and open the junk drawer. I was rather surprised at how non frightening the contents were...strange but non frightening. Here is what I found.

- partial roll of duct tape
- Delta Rae notepad
- 2 boxes of birthday candles
- Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Book
- stapler
- non-functional clean air machine
- hole punch
- one box of china markers
- map of northern colorado
- one napkin
- one small paper plate
- 2 packets of English Breakfast tea
- 2 packets of ketchup from Sonic
- 2 Taco Bell hot sauce packets
- a mint from Sonic
- 6 inch ruler
- Smokin Fins menu
- 2 packs of beef soup from Benchmark Medical Group
- plastic fairy wand

Bring on the zombie apocalypse! I have all I need for survival right here beside me. I showed you mine...show me yours.

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