I think we all sit back and reflect now and then. The other day my wife and I were reminiscing about all the different vehicles we have owned throughout our lives and reliving some memories that those vehicles held. We have owned a lot of vehicles through our lives and we got to thinking about which ONE vehicle we wish we still had.

My wife had an old Nova that was named 'S**T' and I think that would be the one she wishes she still had. My first car was a Toyota Corolla which I 'ca-rolled' and wrecked pretty quickly. I then got a powder blue Audi, which was just too classy for a rebellious young man like me so I got rid of that and bought a $450 72 Monte Carlo. I LOVED that car so much. It was much more my style. The next car I bought was the one that would end up being the one I really wish I still had...a $1500 76 Monte Carlo. I loved that car. It had a hood that was as big as Texas and moved like a cat. If I ever get a chance to find that car again I will be all over it. My brother in law recently found his brides old dream car and had it restored and it is amazing.

My brother in law's project

Ron Crouse, TSM
Ron Crouse, TSM

If you could have ONE of your old vehicles back, what would it be?

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