It is going to be a cold one today. This is the kind of day to give the crock pot a workout. I love a cold snowy kind of day when you have a hot meal slowly simmering in that bad boy. This is a chili eating kind of day or a tasty stew or better yet...grilled cheese and tomato soup.

There is nothing that warms the insides like a hot meal or beverage on a cold day. What is your comfort on these freezing days? I am a grilled cheese and tomato soup kind of guy but a bowl of chili or a tasty hot dish would sure do the trick today too. I know that my partner Todd Harding tends to crave ice cream when it is really cold but he is an odd cat...come to think of it I love ice cream on a cold day too.

Vote for as many as you like. Let me know what will warm your belly today.

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