To say our Denver Broncos have been a mess this month would be an understatement. This is a team that we have been spoiled by and expect a Super Bowl caliber team each year and some years it just isn't there. I think this is one of those years.

There is a lot of panic after 3 pathetic performances in a row but there is still over half a season to go and it's not too late but they haven't given us much to lay our hopes on. I think the defense still does a great job but the offense is flat out awful. I still don't think we have a starting quarterback on the roster and the o-line has more holes than an old pair of underwear. We don't even seem to be able to punt the ball well.

What do think is the greatest weakness of the Broncos? You can vote for as many as you feel apply. Let me hear from you Bronco Nation.

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