Come on, I know you've got a box of memorabilia stored somewhere.

The glory days. The good ol' days. High school. Remember them? I know not everyone has the most fond memories of high school, but I'm sure there are some things you can pinpoint that weren't so bad. Things that you don't mind remembering every once in awhile.

I, for the most part, enjoyed high school. I wasn't the most popular one, but I got along with pretty much everyone in my tiny school. Because my school was small, I got to do just about everything. I played volleyball, basketball and softball. I was on yearbook, student government, dance committees, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and more.

I was even first princess, runner-up in our town's Miss pageant. So, even though I got a crown and says, I wasn't invited to all of the events. And I never got to step in because the Queen couldn't make something.

And yes, I still have the crown and sash.


As I've shared with you on air, my childhood home sold earlier this year. Moving everything out of it has definitely reintroduced me to some fun keepsakes and memories. Newspaper clippings, box scores, yearbooks, my letterman jacket and more. It got me thinking about what other people have kept from their teen years.

What have you kept from your high school days?

I talked to some family and friends about this. I also asked this on social media and got some fun responses, like...

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