The Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer team won the MLS Cup yesterday and it seems like nobody noticed!  The Rapids beat heavily favored FC Dallas 2-1 in overtime in a thrilling match last night and it seems nobody cares!

It was the 1st Championship in franchise history and its  like nobody even knew there was a game last night.  Soccer is the biggest sport in the world, but here in America the dog show gets higher ratings on TV! All of our kids play soccer when they are little, then what happens? Suddenly they don't like soccer anymore? I don't get it.  O.K. play is a little slow some times!  Sometimes games end in  a nil-nil tie. There isn't much scoring! However, the Broncos, Rams, Buffs, and Bears haven't given us much inspiration lately. It's been a couple years since the Eagles won a Championship! We finally have something to cheer about in Colorado! My hats off to the Rapids, our Champions!

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