My hatred of air travel is well documented. I can't stress how much I despise everything about it. It used to be a treat to fly and now you just feel like an unwanted cow in a herd of cattle being led to your designated pasture. The planes are usually packed full and you can feel tension in the air everywhere. Just not a pleasant experience.

Yesterday air travel went to a new low with the actions of United and it's removal of passengers due to overbooking. I have no idea how you overbook a flight in the first place. You count the seats and sell that many seats. Seems pretty simple to me. What followed is a PR nightmare for United. This will be hard to overcome. I can't believe how the passenger in this video was treated. I have to travel by plane now and then but I dread it every time. I will flying to Nashville a couple of times in the next couple of months and I would love to see them try to remove me from my seat once I pack my butt into it. Game on!

If you had to give the entire airline industry a grade, like in school, what would you give them? Fill out the report card below.

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