Yesterday I told you that it was a big day for Todd and the Good Morning Guys. Todd had a couple of doctor appointments yesterday and was hopeful to get medical clearance to return back to work after his accident. Todd rolled his truck on I-25 two weeks ago and was beat up badly in the accident. We are lucky he is still with us and very lucky he is not in a wheel chair or dealing with mass amounts of broken bones. He nearly had his ear ripped off completely and was cut up bad and broke a small bone in his neck but it sure could have been worse. He is in a neck brace and will not be driving any time soon.

Yesterday he was optimistic that he could return to his spot behind the microphone this week. I was not as optimistic. I was unfortunately correct. Todd was told by his doctors that he needs more time to heal. He will return to his trauma specialist on Thursday and get another progress report. He will certainly not be returning this week. We will see what the doctors say on Thursday but I will keep his chair warm until he returns. You don't want to know how I will warm it. I miss my buddy badly but am ready to wait for however long it takes. Patience Todd....patience. We will be here for you and Jenny.

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