Please don't hate me because I was given the opportunity to meet Blake Shelton at Cheyenne Frontier Days on Friday night. I wish everyone could get that chance. He truly is the nicest guy in the business. That hasn't changed since he became a big TV star.

The meet and greet in Cheyenne was a very long line, so we didn't have much time with him. What shocked me is that he remembered visiting the K99 Studio when he was first started out in the business.

Blake's Very Brief Conversation With Todd

Me: Hi Blake. This is my wife, Jenny. I am Todd Harding from KUAD.

Blake: Fort Collins Right? I remember visiting you guys!

Me: You drank out of my Elvis coffee cup and told us about peeIng at Earl Thomas Conley's house.

Blake: Oh yeah. I need to bring that one back. It's a good story and I'm running out of s**t to say.

Road Manager: Come on guys. Let's go!

(Smile and click)

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