The Denver Broncos are officially in a brand new era. For the past 38 years the Bowlen name has been associated with the Denver Broncos and while man himself, the late and great Mr. Pat Bowlen stepped down in 2014, the Bowlens were still in charge of ownership although things got rocky between the family with money and power struggles.

That is all about to change sooner than later as well as the team's president Joe Ellis who will be stepping down after 11 years as the search for new ownership continues to get narrowed down.

The interest level has been sky high as is the price tag which is more than likely going to break a record for an NFL team which was set just a few years ago by the Carolina Panthers at $2.2 billion. The record for an American sports franchise is $3.3 billion by the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA.

Sources are saying that the Broncos sale could double that amount at least.

Sportico is reporting that the potential buyers for the Broncos has been narrowed down to 3 candidates. I don't see Peyton Manning or John Elway's name in any of these but that doesn't mean they're not still in the running or wont' be a part of any of these buyers.

Let's meet the 3 finalists that Sportico has named to be the 3 leading candidates for the next owner of the Denver Broncos:


1. Rob Walton: 

This has been the most recent and popular name floating around for the past couple of weeks. He is an heir to the Wal-Mart fortune worth up to reportedly around $70 billion.


2.Josh Harris

Owner of the New Jersey Devils and managing partner of the Philadelphia 76'ers


3.Todd Boehly

Los Angeles Dodgers investor and Los Angeles Lakers. According to Forbes, Boehly has teamed with Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss to bid on Chelsea FC in the English Premier League which if you're not familiar is Europe's equivalent to our love for the NFL and then some.


These are the three names that have been revealed to the public, there are also two others who are remaining private so as of early May, when the bidders are supposedly going to be arriving to team headquarters to tour and discuss further, we'll have to wait on the identity of the two remaining names.

One thing is certain, it's going to be weird not having the Bowlen name on the ownership of the Denver Broncos.


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