The Weld County Sheriff’s Office is updating their uniforms for the first time in 18 years.

On Monday, July 20, the old brown and pinkish tan uniform will be replaced with a solid silver top and black pant.  Along with the new colors, the uniforms will feature a newly designed patch and logo that features a more simple design.

Why the New Uniforms?

  • The new design emphasizes simplicity and improved readability for quick identification of sheriff’s deputies.
  • It brings a new look to the sheriff’s office.
  • The Sheriff’s Office has had difficulty finding vendors who would keep the old colors in stock.
  • The new uniforms are more cost efficient and will not require custom orders.

In addition to the uniform color change, citizens will see the new patrol vehicle design. The new design is being placed on new vehicles that enter the fleet. The old design will stay on current patrol vehicles until they are rotated out of service.

Weld County Sheriff's Office new uniforms
Weld County Sheriff's Office

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