I started a new segment last week where I decided to share some of the random inspirational things that I post on my personal Facebook page. I get a lot of 'likes' on some of these and have been told by many that they have helped them get through a day. That is the greatest compliment I could receive. I am always struggling to find the magic words or thought to get through the day so I figure if it enters my brain and helps me...maybe it can help someone else too. Maybe even you. Here are a few thoughts from the week.

Do what you say you will do and be who claim to be...you will be happy with you today

Patience is the key to hitting a curve ball. Life will throw you a lot of these. Be patient and you will still knock the cover off the ball, just time your swing. You can win this game. Good luck today fellow Happiness Warriors.

Love will win every time...get on the winning team and let it flow. We all can feel it and need it.

Smile your way through the storms...just think about how wonderful it all feels when the skies clear...and they will clear. You are strong enough to whether what ever it may be. Don't underestimate yourself and your ability to overcome. You choose your mood not your circumstances...you can and will win. Believe in the amazing power of YOU! Tap into yourself. You have more than you think


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