Happy Friday and Habajeeba to you and yours. We have made it through another week. Congratulations! I had another week of amazing highs and some deep lows and once again have needed some inspiration to get through. Here is my weekly dose of what popped into my melon to help me along. Peace and love to you this weekend.

Only light removes darkness...be that light for someone today. Get out there and let your light shine. We need your flame

You always hear the expression..."take a good look in the mirror"...I think it's time for a lot of us to quit looking in the mirror and look around you. We can get a little full of ourselves. Take a look around and see what is going on around you besides just yourself. Oh and by the way, take one more look in the mirror because you aren't going to wear THAT today are you? Have a great day warriors.

Get up...the world needs you today. there is only one you and you are the missing ingredient in today's recipe. we need your flavor today. be you and nothing more. there is only one person like you in the entire world and you are needed today.

Plant the seeds while your here. Every time you touch someone's life in a good way, you plant a seed of positive remembrance. Plant enough of them so you create a forest and you will live forever. You make a difference...plant some seeds

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