I have many people ask me if I plan on writing a book of inspirational sayings someday. I certainly do but until then I will continue to spew them out weekly in this piece. Thank you for being there for me and helping me through this life. You are my family and I can't do this without you. Here are a few things that hit me this week.

Today my goal is to make every one that I encounter feel better than they did before our encounter...be a vehicle for kindness and love today and load that sucker up to the max.

Create your own circle of happiness today and only allow those in who have earned it. Today there is no time for joy sucks. Be who you would want to hang around with and become a magnet that attracts the positive and repels the negative. Protect your circle...it takes works but it's so worth it.

What you don't say says more about you than what you do say...sometimes just shutting the hell up is the most powerful statement you can make. Choose your words or silence carefully...and speak to each other in person...a text will never show emotion or body language. Let's be humans and care for each other today no matter our differences. peace and love y'all...

No one but you can change it...you have what it takes and you know what is needed to get it done. Today you have the strength and drive to do it. This is the day you have been waiting for...believe it and it happens.

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