Here are a few of inspirational thoughts from the week that helped keep me in the right frame of mind. I share these on my Facebook page each day and compile them weekly for the website. Here are a few that helped me get through this week. Win the battle. You may lose a round or two but you can win the fight. Never give up.

Don't forget to take the pressure off and cut yourself some slack now and then. You do it for others, do it for you too. It's healthy for the mind and body

Life's currency...Be around those you value and those who value you and you'll be rich

hello don't stand a chance today so just go back to bed and warn Tuesday what it's in for tomorrow. This is the week of reclamation. Take control of what has been controlling your mind. You are in charge of all you say and do. Make it all count and move you forward. Get out of neutral today and drop down into gear. Buckle up! Time for take off y'all!!


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