I am getting ready to go on a break and use up some vacation over the holidays. I am looking forward to some time off to let my brain rest a bit before I get charged up for the final stretch here at K99. The holidays can be a mental struggle for many so I know any help I can get for my mind is beneficial. Here's a few that hit my melon this week.

Good morning! The weekend is here. Being happy, optimistic and exuding positivity does not mean you are unaware or apathetic to the ugliness around us..it just means we aren't going to let it rule our lives or beat us. It is there but does not deserve our energy. We have better things to focus on. Flood the world with so much love that we may need another ark.

You can do ANYTHING if you dedicate yourself 100%. Nothing is impossible if you are ALL IN. Half assing it is easy and comfortable. Get a little uncomfortable...expect the best of yourself. Your best is amazing. You got this Warrior...you are so much more than you give yourself for. Believe in you.

Don't wait for someone to make you happy...that is your job. Others may add to the recipe but your own attitude is the main ingredient. Have a happy day today


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