Another week and another batch of opportunities. I hope you were able to march towards your ultimate goal of happiness this week. Here are a few things that kept me moving forward.

There are lots of people out there but there is only one YOU. You have and bring something that no one else can. You have a role and purpose in this world today. You may not ever know when and where but you will be making a huge difference today. Walk tall and proud are a key ingredient to today's recipe for happiness.

Put on your armor Warriors...the world will try groin kicks, throat punches and all kinds of nasty tricks. Be strong and fight for your happiness. It is worth the battle

You are the most important person in your good to yourself. You are no good to others if you are not good to yourself. Believe in you so others see it and in turn believe in themselves. We all have the power of influence...use it for good. Love, acceptance and knowledge of self value to you today. You matter so much.

A new year is be blunt...Get off your ass this year and make it happen..whatever that may be. Nothing changes unless you do. Keep your eyes on the windshield..that are great things ahead.

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