Here I am once again with some weekly ramblings from deep inside my brain. These are some of the things that pop into my head that help me get through a day or week. Just little mental reminders of what I need to try to be or handle. I hope someone finds something that may help get through whatever lies ahead. Have a great weekend.

The grass on the other side of the fence may look greener but that is because you haven't had the chance to neglect it and let it die. Tend to your own yard..water it, fertilize it, and care for it and it will be green and healthy. It takes work but is more gratifying than jumping over the fence. That is easy and you will end up with the same dead brown patch of earth in a matter of time if you treat it like the yard you just left. This applies to most things in life. Water your own grass and care for the lawn you have. Others are looking over your fence wishing they had what you do.

Alright Warriors...your mission today is to say or do something to make at least 3 people smile and reach out to at least one old friend or family member just to let them know you were thinking about them. Do this and you will have a soul and heart filled day. Spread the positive. Love is louder than hate. Let's crank it up to 10 today!

Dear World,
As I have told you're ability to bring me down is much weaker than my desire to be happy. I win!! I always will.
Regards, Brian


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