I am a movie freak and love sitting on my couch and enjoying a great film. I can also remember when the only way to see a movie was going to the theater, then came the VCR. The VCR was such a huge deal. We used to go to the video store and hope they a machine available to rent for the weekend. It was so cool to come home with that big case with the movie machine in it and get it all set up for a big weekend of watching VHS tapes. There were the people who thought they were really cool and had the Beta machine that was supposed to be even better than the VCR. You really don't see those anymore at all. We won't even get into Laser-discs.

The way we watch movies has sure changed since those days. It was on this date in 1964 that was world was introduced to the VCR. We now have our DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming services for movies and I wonder how many VCR's are still around and in use. Do you have one? Take the poll and let me know how you get your movies these days. You can vote for as many as you still use.


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