We found the REAL original Good Morning Guys on Friday - and we're not talking about Brian Gary and Todd Harding.

Not a lot of people know this, but Brian and Todd are actually the sound-alike replacements of two radio personalities that mysteriously disappeared in the Spring of 1996.

The voices of Ryan Harry and Rod Sharding graced Northern Colorado's airwaves every morning on K99 until one fateful day when - well, we actually don't really know what happened. But management at the time had to take swift action, as they knew they had a future legacy to protect.

So they brought in two goofballs from off the street that sounded kind of like Ryan and Rod, and changed their names to Brian Gary and Todd Harding, thinking listeners wouldn't notice.

They were right - no one noticed their sneaky maneuver...until today.

On Friday, K99 had its air ducts cleaned out by the fine fellas at IMS Heating & Air, Franklin and Giles, for the first time since before Ryan Harry and Rod Sharding mysteriously disappeared.

In the process, Franklin and Giles not only found one of K99's old sister stations that no longer exists (and will never, ever return to Northern Colorado), but they also found the REAL original Good Morning Guys, Ryan and Rod, and it turns out they've been living among us all this time...

Are you ready to find out where they are? Watch the video below!

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