We are just over the halfway point in a 10 week challenge, and I was wondering how it was helping my fellow Team Challengers.

Actually, I should introduce us as Team Yoda. Remember when Yoda scolds Luke when the older than he should be as a padawan learner whines, "Alright, I'll give it a try" in reference to attempting to beach his X-wing fighter  from being partially submerged in a swamp? What does he say?

From that seminal scene, my team takes its name. We began to argue who was the bigger Star Wars fan, but Goldberg trumped all of us because he named his daughter Leia. Show off.

Anyway, it can be interesting to imagine what we think people would say about a program like this, and then compare to what they actually do say. Here is Michelle's response to my questions about how the Challenge is treating her thus far.

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