It's pretty safe to say that in Yellowstone National Park there are two driving forces; grizzly bears and wolves.

Now that most of the roads into the park have closed to prepare for the winter re-opening December 15th, when snowmobiles and snowcoaches are allowed by in.

Toward the end of the open season, there's still the possibility to encounter winter-like conditions in the park. When the snow starts to fall, getting food ends up being a bit tougher for many of the animals.

When this starts to happen there's a really good chance you'll see some interesting animal interactions.

We've all seen the videos and pictures of wolves and bears going after the same food. Usually when we see this, the meal has already been decided on. Sometimes video captures the stalking process and in the case of the video below, a wolfpack was the driving force of a bison jam, literally.

The Instagram page bison.forlife_ shares videos and photos of the American Bison. The bison aren't always from Yellowstone, but the Yellowstone herd is one of the most popular in the country. That means that many of the videos or photos come from bison hot spots in Yellowstone.

One particular video, shows a car driving down a Yellowstone road and becoming surrounded by bison. The bison are moving toward the vehicle, slowly at first, then the pace starts to pick up. At the end of the video, you see a large wolf pack looking to grab a straggler and get lunch.

The video was from last year, when YouTube user John C when he was traveling to Mammoth Hot Springs.

The comments on the share are interesting. You have the 'Pro Wolf' pack and the 'Anti Wolf' pack.

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