If you have moved into Colorado in the last 20 years, it's probably to safe to say that you have no memories of Stapleton Airport. For many of us though, it was the primary method of travel.

For 66 years, Stapleton International Airport was the way travelers from all across America made their way to the Rocky Mountains and how residents visited other parts of the country.

It was also the central point for many national carriers including Continental, United Airlines, TWA, and many others.

Now when you travel pass the former site of Stapleton, you'll still see the former control tower however that is the only remnant left from the past. A housing development now occupies the surroundings that used to be home to many of the nation's commercial air fleet.

But how much did the landscape change in that area over 30 years? Courtesy of Google Earth, we can now see this right on our computer screens.

Check this out, and see how much the area has changed over the years when it comes to growth. But also keep an eye on the decommissioning of the former airport, which in this video goes by so quick.

What do you remember about the former Stapleton International Airport?


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