I think we all remember riding our bike for the very first time. There is a feeling of freedom and maturity that comes from being able to peddle on your own. It is your first real taste of independence and a monumental moment in all of our lives.

I remember my first ride very well. I was so excited I was peddling on my own that I turned around to wave at my parents and ran into a parked car. Apparently the apple does not fall far from the tree. My grandson Zander took his first solo ride this weekend and the family curse continues. See for yourself in this very short video my wife captured as Zander rolled down the driveway for the very first time on his own. After the 'not so great' start, he grabbed his helmet and went off on a mission with gramma and rode all day. The boy is rolling now. Congrats Zander...and look out for those trucks.

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