To quote one of my friends "I’ve never seen anything so equally adorable and hilarious."

In this video, a mama moose is attempting to cross the road with her calf. All of the cars are stopped and giving her lots of room and she confidently trots across to the other side.

Like most moms she expects her child to dutifully follow behind her.

Except the calf is absolutely terrified of the road.

Watch and see what happens...

I only wish I had a way to know what that mama was saying to her baby.

I can imagine...

I'm sure at first she's sweet and kind, assuring him all is well.

But as her panic grows I am positive it's more like "come on, you're fine, get over here NOW."

She even tries the old stand by "Alright then, I'm going without you."

Thankfully this video has a happy ending and the baby moose eventually makes it across the road.

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