Wyoming is known for its natural beauty, but the wildlife is also part of the equation. About a week ago, a woman captured some awesome footage of a pair of bear cubs wrestling around in a tree, before finally bringing the fight back to ground level, somewhere in Yellowstone National Park.

During the cute little minute and half video, you see the two cubs start their wrestling match in the tree, but it continues on for quite some time on the ground. The mama bear was only a few feet away, but like most human parents, she was busy doing her own thing (eating), during the cubs play time. We get it, mama... take that free time whenever you can get it.

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The viral video sharing YouTube channel, ViralHog, uploaded the video on Friday, July 16th, 2021, but the footage actually took place on Saturday, July 10th, 2021. Along with the adorable video, they also shared a caption from that read:

I found these bears in Yellowstone very early in the morning and watched them play and eat for over an hour.

It appears folks are getting smarter when it comes to the wildlife at Yellowstone. The woman that originally took the footage was a safe distance from the bear cubs. That's good idea, especially how close the mama bear was.

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