Grizzly 399 is one of the most famous bears in the world. She and her 4 new cubs are fan favorites in Grand Teton National Park. A brand new video shows a ranger trying to keep a huge crowd of people away from her and her cubs.

I have always been sympathetic to park rangers trying to manage people and wildlife. Watch what this ranger in Grand Teton National Park has to deal with when Grizzly 399 and her cubs cross the road. NOTE: there's some NSFW language at the beginning.

There were quite literally dozens of people within 20 yards of this grizzly and her cubs. Grizzly 399 has been a fixture of Grand Teton National Park for over 20 years. She's been especially popular this year since it's not common for a bear her age to have 4 cubs. She is also one of the most photographed bears in the park. She has her own Facebook and Twitter accounts so I understand why people flock to see her.

You can hear the ranger politely asking people to step back and give her room To say that they're not listening is an understatement. If she had suddenly felt like they were a threat, there's no way this would not have ended tragically. My guess is that Grizzly 399 is so used to seeing people around she's not easily upset. Let's hope. Crowds like this would otherwise lead to a very bad news story.

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