If you're gonna hunt in grizzly country, you better have good instincts about when it's time to move and where. One hunter showed an uncanny sense of bear behavior when he spotted 5 grizzlies and rightly predicted they were gonna head right toward them.

Limitless Outdoors shared this video recently of a hunt they did last fall in bear country. They had black bear tags, but came upon 5 grizzlies on the hill opposite them. Watch closely as there are two males and one female with two cubs in close proximity. Hunter Shane shows incredible instincts when he advises they move their position before the grizzlies come storming up their side of the mountain.

These guys make some interesting observations. They are convinced that grizzlies in the lower 48 states complicate hunts and make them more stressful since they face less opposition from other predators here. There is a belief that it makes them more curious and bolder than they would be in a place like Alaska. I believe this hunt happened in southern Montana just north of the Wyoming border.

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They also describe how unpredictable an immature male can be when near a grizzly sow and cubs. If they hadn't adjusted their position, that grizzly mom would have likely charged them on the way up the mountain fleeing the males.

It's a fascinating dynamic to watch a seasoned hunter read the body language of bears and assess a situation like this one correctly. Failure to do so likely would have ended in a much more serious and potentially tragic way.

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