So I went down a rabbit hole jackalope hole of mythical creatures in each state. I was wondering what would Wyoming's most famous mythical creature be. I mean, we have great forests and parks everywhere, so there's no telling if we would have Bigfoot or other creatures thought to be roaming our state.

I found a blog at CashNetUSA, which had a list of creatures for each state. I scrolled down and found Wyoming's was the jackalope. No real surprise there. As I read the description, though, I was thrown off by something that, I've honestly never heard of about the jackalope...they sing!

these terrifying but tragic creatures can apparently sing along with human songs. (They’re usually tenors, by the way). That’s right you read correctly: cowboys have reported that while they were singing around the campfire, a distant jackalope joined in with the chorus.

That has to be kind of creepy, right? Just sitting there, minding your own business, singing the songs that a good western cowboy would sing and then all of a sudden, a jackalope comes in for the next verse, singing in tenor, no less!

So, if they're a tenor, then they have a real singing voice, right? I'm not sure what Alvin and the Chipmunks would be classified as, but it sounds like the Wyoming jackalope is a few steps ahead of our favorite singing cartoon mammals.

Have you heard of this? Let us know on the app, especially if you've ever actually heard one sing!

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